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Important Kettlebell Shoulder Exercises to Bulletproof your Body

2. Kettlebell Shoulder Exercises – Kettlebell Windmill

Next you work into the shoulder joint even deeper by adding move movement and rotation through the joint.

The kettlebell is held overhead as before with a straight arm and wrist and then you reach down towards the floor with the opposite hand.

The ultimate goals is to reach the opposite ankle with the hand while keeping both legs straight.

However, for the beginner achieving this full position can be very challenging both on the shoulder as well as the flexibility through the back and hamstrings.

Modifications can be made to help progress the exercise:

Practice first without the kettlebell
Keep the one leg straight while slightly bending the other leg
Reach down with straight legs between the feet as far as possible without bending the knees
Progress towards the opposite ankle
The exercise should be performed slowly and under control. Keep your eye on the kettlebell when descending.

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