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Important Kettlebell Shoulder Exercises to Bulletproof your Body

4. Kettlebell Shoulder Exercises – Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

Perhaps one of the most important of all the kettlebell exercises along with the swing is the turkish get up.

The get up conditions the whole body from top to toe working hard into the core muscles and also challenges the stability of the shoulder.

The kettlebell is held with a straight arm and wrist as the participant stands up from a lying down position and then returns back down to the floor.

During the complete movement of the turkish get up the shoulder is forced to stabilise the joint through various angles.

The turkish get up is a challenging exercise and so it should be progressed as follows:

Practice without a kettlebell
Practice by holding a glass of water
Practice the Half Get Up with a kettlebell
Practice the Full Get Up with a kettlebell

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