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Important Kettlebell Shoulder Exercises to Bulletproof your Body

5. Kettlebell Shoulder Push Press

Pressing overhead is easier than holding so many people will avoid these holding exercises but that would be a big mistake.

The ability to hold overhead will certainly help prevent future shoulder injuries in the future.

A halfway progression between strict shoulder pressing overhead and holding is the kettlebell shoulder push press. I recommend all beginners start with the push press before moving on to the strict overhead kb shoulder press later.

The kettlebell push press involves using the legs and hips slightly just to get the kettlebell out of the sticking point when it’s held in the racked position at the chest. Once the kettlebell has been bumped up to the top position the descent is very important.

Control the kettlebell down very slowly actively using your latissimus dorsi muscles (under your armpit) as a kind of shelf to help guide the kettlebell down again.

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