Quick Exercise to Improve Overhead Mobility for Crossfitters

Try this effective mobility exercise from John Singleton, movement coach to Sara Sigmundsdottir, BK Gudmundsson and many other top level Crossfit athletes.

John Singleton: “Bjorgvin Gudmundsson has great overhead mobility when using a wider grip. However as the grip narrows he finds the position increasingly difficult to maintain and this means that he struggles stabilising the jerk overhead.”

“By lying on the floor (as shown in the video) you can isolate the shoulders without the rest of the body compensating, thus target the movement more specifically.
The exercise in the video is a great test and exercise for people who struggle with a narrow grip and you should be able to build up to a set of 5 with a 10kg bar fairly easily.
Start with the pvc and see how you get on!”

Here is another helpful drill to improve your mobility


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