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Improve your Body and Mobility With These 5 Important Gymnastic Exercises

5. Handstand Walks

This quintessential gymnastic technique can help you tone your body and increase your overall agility. Perfecting a handstand has numerous physical benefits including better balance, core strength, overhead agility, and increased shoulder stability. Much like the other techniques in this list, perfecting a handstand takes consistent practice to see gradual progress.

How to do it

Place your hands on the floor a couple of inches from a wall. Make sure to spread your fingers as wide as possible. Kick one leg up at a time to get into a typical handstand position. Once you are in that position you will want to hold that for as long as you comfortably can.

Once you can hold the position for 30 seconds, try doing it without a wall. Just make sure you have a clear space in front of you in case you need to roll forward. It helps tremendously to have someone spotting you while you find your balance in the handstand.

Eventually, you will get to the point where you can hold a handstand for a period of time by alternating hand positions. Once you are at this point it’s all about putting one hand in front of the other (be sure to utilize forward roll bail out incase you lose your balance).

Concluding Thoughts

Take any necessary safety precautions prior to committing to any of these activities. Although you can do these exercises inside your home, it’s the obstacles near you that put you in harm’s way. Otherwise it’s safest to do outside.


Something gymnasts go through every so often are sore wrists, mostly because their hands are what do most of the support throughout the sport so it gets pretty strenuous. Likewise with some of these mobility exercises. Pre-wrap evens out the amount of activity your wrists need to do in order to complete a task.

Mastering these five simple exercises will improve shoulder strength, core tension, and your overall body mobility. Make sure to start slow and work your way up to more intense reps and positions. After a few weeks of doing these exercises you’ll notice immediate improvement in the way you move while practicing any physical activity.

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