Inspiring crossfit girls Sheila Barden and Lauren Fisher

Strong is the new Sexy: 10 Inspiring Crossfit Girls from the USA

These 10 Women are showing the world just how powerful, strong, talented, sexy and dedicated Crossfit girls really are. We’re just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up…


6 x CrossFit Games competitior, Stacie is going back to Carson this year after a solid 2nd place finish at the Central Regional. Stacie is a great role model and advocate for the positive impact on body image that Crossfit is causing. She had this to say in reply to a few idiots on social media that tried to body shame her.

‘I’m proud of the ladies who are owning it — the muscles and the thickness. We are inspiring young girls and young women all over the world to be healthier.

The negative comments I still see on social media only add fuel to my fire. What caused self-doubt for me in the beginning now gives me a great sense of pride, accomplishment and purpose. I am passionate about building a positive body image and ending body-shaming.’

‘I hate to burst your bubble, insecure people on the other end of those rude comments, but strong is the new sexy, and strength is the new beautiful. I’m a healthy, confident, fit and perfectly capable female.’

stacie tovar crossfit athlete inspiring crossfit girls

Awesome athlete, inspiring individual

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