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CrossFit Oulu – Finland

Essi Koskinen and Antti Kylänpää, the box-owners of Crossfit Oulu, are giving us a little insight into what happens at their BOX!


Short Facts

Name: CrossFit Oulu
Address / Location: Alasintie 3-7, 90400 Oulu, Finland
BOX-Owner: Essi Koskinen and Antti Kylänpää
Open since: June 2012


How did you come to CrossFit?

Essi was introduced to CrossFit in January 2010 when she was looking for a new hobby after quitting competetive track&field training. When she gave it a try, she never looked back. Antti has been doing MMA, functional training and kettlebells already for  years and he just jumped in.

Why did you open your own box?

For both of us it has been a dream for a long time. When our life came to a point that it was possible to open our own box we did it.

Why exactly should I join YOUR box? What makes it standout from others?

We are really passionate about what we do and our main goal is to really help people to improve their quality of life. We care about everyone. We are really strict about right techniques and safe movements and therefore we have started to use this 10 second penalty-rule for anyone who doesn’t follow the movement standards or is about to hurt himself. And if you join our box, you also get the chance to meet our gym dog, Hemmo (Dude)

How does your member structure look like? (Number of members, Male/Female, Young/Old,  any competitive athletes?)

Number of members is currently around 200. Age structure is from 16 to 55, but the most members are around 30. Male- Female 50%-50%. We have a group of competitive athletes and it consists of 20 members.

Do you have additional training possibilities (Yoga, Gymnastics etc.)?

We have our own weightlifting club inside our box and also a gymnastics group. We started Kids- classes one month ago.

Do you consult your members in nutrition questions?

If someone is looking help with nutrition questions, then we can help them and give some tips.

If I start as a beginner – how does my training in the first month look like?

You will start with the on ramp course. There you will learn all the movements used in CrossFit and all the right and safe techniques and scaling the workouts. It’s a starting package and after first month you pretty well know how do things work at our box. Besides the technique learning, you will also learn some nice metcons (including a lot of burpees…)

Do you organize any internal or open competitions?

We have had a couple competitions for our own members only. Couple individual competitions and also team competitions.

Do you have links to other boxes?

In Finland every box owner pretty much know each other and we keep in touch quite often. It’s not just the community in our own box, but also the community in Finland!

Can I drop in if I am passing your city? Who do I have to contact?

Drop-ins are always welcome! Just contact info@crossfitoulu.com

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