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Powerlifter Julius Maddox Tries to Break Eddie Hall’s CrossFit World Record

Julius Maddox took a jab at trying to match Eddie Hall's Isabel CrossFit World record.

Julius Maddox, an American powerlifter, took a chance at Eddie Hall’s current CrossFit World Record. Hall managed to finish workout Isabel in 50.9 seconds and Maddox got very close to it.

Just because it is a CrossFit workout, it does not mean that a CrossFit athlete is the best at it. Eddie Hall is the current world record holder of CrossFit WOD Isabel.

The workout is simple.


For time:

  • 30 snatches (135/95 lbs)

Eddie Hall managed to finish all snatches in 50.9 seconds. Julius Maddox wanted to take a jab at the world record and see if he could do it.

Check out below how it turned out to be.

Julius Maddox Trying to Break Eddie Hall’s CrossFit WOD Record

Although we cannot see the clock and Julius Maddox is trying it out in his home gym, he claimed to have finished 28 reps in the same amount as Eddie Hall completed the 30 reps prescribed to claim the CrossFit World Record.

Perhaps we will see Maddox attempting to break the official record in the future? It wouldn’t be the first time. He holds the current all-time raw bench press world record of 355kg (782.6 lbs). He performed the feat at the 2021 World Raw Powerlifting Federation Hybrid Showdown III in Miami, Florida. The previous record was 350kg (770 lbs) he also had it.

Who Is Julius Maddox?

Julius Maddox is a famous powerlifter born in Kentucky, United States, in 1987. In 2019 he broke the first world record by pressing 335.5kg (739 lbs) with wrist wraps and without a belt. Three months later he broke his own record again by pressing 337.5 kg (744.1 lbs) this time.

He also holds the official world record for most times bench pressing 320 kg (700 lbs) in an official powerlifting competition, a total of 10 times.

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