Kalsu & 100 Thrusters – Is This the Hardest WOD Ever?

Meet Kalsu, 100 thrusters with burpees, for time. Doesn't sound too bad but trust us - it's brutal!

Kalsu is a Hero WOD which honours Robert James “Bob” Kalsu (April 13, 1945 – July 21, 1970), a former professional American Football player, who left his sport career behind to serve his country in the Vietnam war.

1. Kalsu

On the minute (until you complete 100 reps of thrusters).
5 burpees
max rep thrusters 61/38 kg (135/85 lbs)

Start with 5 burpees and continue (for the rest of the minute) with maximum reps of thrusters. On the next minute start over again with five burpees and keep the following “on the minute” pace until you complete 100 thrusters.

Score: time it took you to complete 100 thrusters.

Original Kalsu was published on CrossFit Football website and is the workout presented above, but as found on Beyond The Whiteboard website its “cousins” comes in different shapes and sizes:

2. Light Kalsu

On the minute (until you complete 100 reps of thrusters).
3 burpees
max rep thrusters 43/29 kg (95/65 lbs)

3. Rob Orlando’s Kalsu with power cleans

On the minute (until you complete 100 reps of power cleans).
5 burpees
Power clean 102 kg (225 lbs)
Time cap: 20 min

4. Strongman Kalsu

On the minute (until you complete 100 reps of tire flips).
3 burpees
max rep tire flips
Time cap: 30 min

Extra help: how-to burpee and thruster

We covered both exercises, burpees and thrusters in the past articles.

How-To Thruster

Combined of a front squat and push press, thruster is not technically demanding as it’s usually done in higher reps with a lower weight – included in WODs to consume your energy and strength for the movements following… read more here.

How-To Burpee

The movement itself is not complex, but when performed at a higher intensity a good technique gives you a strong advantage over your competitors… read more here.

If you decide to take the risk and do it, let us know.


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