Katrin Davidsdottir’s Sister Hannah Takes 1st Place in Competition

The Davidsdottir family is made up of strong women!

2x CrossFit Games winner’s younger sister Hannah Davidsdottir competed at and won the recent UKBFF 2017 Junior Fitness Champion.

FIRST PLACE!!🏆💙 Honestly so happy, I'm overwhelmed 😭💙

A post shared by Hannah Davíðsdóttir (@hdavidsdottir) on

Katrin: “That’s my siiiiiiiister 🔥🔥🔥 SO PROUD. Aaaaand she qualified for the British championships; hard work & dedication pays off. Lovesuuuuuu ❤️”

💙💙💙💙 S I S T E R S. In this world to be here for one another // @hdavidsdottir

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Katrin: “We got to surprise my lil’ sis today 😍🏆👋🏼 She didn’t know me & my mom would be here ❤️ there’s no place else we’d rather beeeeeeeee”

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