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8 Unforgiving Kettlebell Back Workouts for Stability, Strength and Aesthetics

WOD 3 – Secret Service Snatch Test

AMRAP in 10 Minutes:

  • Kettlebell Power Snatches (24/16 kg)

The kettlebell snatch is an incredibly dynamic and aggressive full-body movement and makes for an excellent kettlebell back workout.

There are not many muscles that aren’t used during the kettlebell snatch, which requires you to lift an object from the floor and bring it to the overhead position.

This workout was posted as a challenge for high-level athletes on Instagram by Matt Chan, a former CrossFit Games athlete, a member of the CrossFit Trainer Staff and a CrossFit Level-4 Coach. The challenge was to get 200 repetitions within the 10-minute time window.

WOD 4 – The Cavemanator Challenge

One Attempt for Max Reps:

  • Kettlebell Clean and Strict Press
  • Kettlebell Clean-and-Jerk
  • Kettlebell Half Snatch

You are allowed one attempt at max reps of the exercises with only one switch for each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. No more than one second before moving the weight, in other words, resting longer than one second is now allowed. Putting the weight down is not allowed.

For the strict press, you only need to press up and you can drop the weight back into a racking position. For the snatch, you can squat under.

There are no scaling options for this challenge.

Intended Stimulus: The strict presses are to tax the shoulders so much that you won’t be using them for the exercises where you should not be using them, i.e. the jerk is a lower-body exercise and not a press, and the snatch is too, get that weight as high as possible with the power from the lower body and press out.

Strategy: Employ a pendulum clean rather than a hip hinge or hardstyle clean, your grip will go before anything else.

The kettlebell clean is a great exercise to train your back muscles. Based on the deadlift movement pattern, it includes a more dynamic and explosive movement. You can add this exercise into your training by cleaning a single kettlebell (and then swapping sides) or using two kettlebells at the same time.

The mental toughness you’ll develop through workouts like this will make you unstoppable.

Workout by Cavemantraining

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