BREAKING NEWS – Legendary Athlete Chris Spealler May be Forced to Withdraw from The 2017 CrossFit Games!

After accepting his invite to The Games, it is still touch and go as to whether he will be able to compete.

“A whole lot of things like this over the past week as well as seeing what does and doesn’t aggravate the back and hip. Things are pointing more and more to a disc issue leading to nerve pain in my hip and leg. 

It’s one of the more frustrating things I have dealt with since I can do most things but seem to pay for some more than others later in the day or week. And I’m not willing to give up an active lifestyle. One day at a time.”


My training all year has been about 1 hr/day, six days/week. Knowing that the volume in the CrossFit Games will be more I changed things up a bit:

  • Mon-Tues-Wed: 3 workouts/day usually in separate sessions. 
  • Thurs: Off
  • Fri: 1 hour/day
  • Sat: 1 hr/day and hopefully a bike ride 😉
  • Sun: Off

Still want to live my life, let my training serve me, and be physically and mentally healthy. Whatever this gives me in August is what I’ll take.

Chris Spealler Will Compete at The CrossFit Games in 2017!


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