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5 Important Lessons to Learn From a CrossFit Injury


Prior to getting injured, I must admit that I had begun to neglect working on my technique.  I had gotten very comfortable with lifting, and forgot some warm up drills. All I wanted to do was to add more weight on the bar, or jump through all the hoops and get that elusive ring muscle up. As we progress along our CrossFit journey, it can become very easy to neglect the basics and perhaps we even develop a blind spot as to what gaping holes exist in our technique. This holes are the ones that if filled would make us more efficient athletes, with better performances and a higher work capacity.


Focusing on technique allowed me to take a step back and critically analyze areas of opportunity (much better phrase than ‘weaknesses’) that could be improved and allow me to eliminate sloppy/lazy form. Good technique is what will carry you in moments when your body is fatigued. It is the foundation that will ensure that no matter how tough a wod is, you’re still able to give it your all without compensating on form and performance.

Good technique, I have discovered, is what will keep you injury free.

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