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5 Important Lessons to Learn From a CrossFit Injury


It’s easy to feel despondent when a week back into training, you feel far away from the athlete you used to be. So often we are of the mindset that after the diagnosis of an injury, we need to take a break from moving, but the inactivity is what can make it harder to return to the box. My advice, even if it is painful to watch everyone else at the box moving with full range of motion while you can’t yet…GET YOURSELF TO THE BOX. Nothing will remind you of the beautiful community that CrossFit allows us to be partake of more than cheering everyone else on.

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I am guilty of having avoided the box for a month because I was jealous of everyone else being able to move pain-free, what I would have given to do Karen at that time. Once I put that jealousy aside (thanks to my coach,) I was able to return to the box. For the first two weeks I cried after each wod, they were a mixture of frustration at not being able to complete a wod because of little niggles that were still there, and sometimes it was because the ghost of the athlete I used to be, which would haunt me during wods.

This is where point number 5 becomes really important…

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