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5 Important Lessons to Learn From a CrossFit Injury


The temptation to be as fast as you were, or to lift as heavy as you used to pre-injury will gnaw at you for at least the first two weeks (maybe more if you’re an emotional CrossFitter like myself).

Perhaps that feeling never really leaves you while you’re on the road to recovery. The ghost of the athlete you used to be seems to hover over you during every wod, during every movement and this is where, if you’re lucky, a great coach will remind you of a vital truth: you aren’t the old you, you’re better.

You’re learning how to move more efficiently, correcting technique along the way to not only prevent old injuries from flaring up, but also to prevent any future injuries. Post-injury, it’s important to have a coach that will keep you in check for those difficult moments when you no longer feel like the athlete that you used to be.  A great coach will remind you of the progress that you have made, and the daily progress that you are making, a great coach will make sure that you’re scaling accordingly, and probably the most important part, a great coach is able to call you out on your excuses.

Team spirit at its best

Injuries have as much of a mental aspect as they do physically and while it is important to focus on the process that is occurring physically, you’re going to have to unlearn everything you thought you previously knew, you’re going to have to learn how to temper discipline with just enough kindness and patience for your body to get back stronger than ever.

4 Ways to Train through a Crossfit Injury (Safely)

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