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Look Good and Perform Like a Hero – 10 Alternative Exercises to Build Muscle and Transform your Upper Body

3. Standing Filly Press

The Filly Press comes in many forms. This version is performed standing. The same rules apply. Load the off arm with a KB in a proper rack position as demonstrated here. The opposite arm is performing a single arm DB Arnold press and must fully supinated and pronate on every rep. The KB that is in the non working arm is designed to help build great rack strength and scapular endurance. The two loads don’t have to be the same.

4. Kettlebell Upright Row

Building rock-solid, boulder shoulders wouldn’t be possible without scapular control. If we are able to stabilize the scaps, we can unleash the pull strength potential in the shoulder joint and muscles surrounding.

This movement will target the lateral deltoids, traps, and rhomboids. While you do this move, aim to keep the shoulders pulled down and back, which will create this scapular control we are seeking.

Add this into the C series accessory work for your upper pull days of training:

C1 Kettlebell Upright Row 8-10x 20X2 R45
C2 Side Plank Dumbbell Powell Raise 10-12/side 3010 R45
x 3 sets

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