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Look Good and Perform Like a Hero – 10 Alternative Exercises to Build Muscle and Transform your Upper Body

5. Half Kneeling Landmine Twist

There is a distinct lack of rotational movement in most functional fitness programs. The time has come to change that. Rotate more with this kneeling twist. A landmine is a great tool to take advantage of in order to build some rotational work into your training.

This is a great warm up protocol. Perform 8-10reps/side for 3 sets and pair with a passive hang from the rings to work your overhead position alongside this twist.

6. Eccentric Kipping HSPU

Within FBB if we can take a specific aspect of a movement and deconstruct it a bit by slowing down contraction speed, we can find ways to enhance strength, positions, and timing of movement. That is the case with the eccentric focused version of the kipping HSPU. By slowing down the lowering phase of the exercise, clients build more awareness, strength, capacity, and stability in the pressing movement.

This is a great way to build in some additional time under tension while also keeping the movement a bit more safe on the cervical spine since you aren’t crashing down on your head each rep.

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