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Look Good and Perform Like a Hero – 10 Alternative Exercises to Build Muscle and Transform your Upper Body

7. Kettlebell Floor Press

Don’t underestimate the challenge of a kettlebell. This one will challenge shoulder stability and strength in the forearm – the unbalanced nature of the bell will force you to lock in a smooth vertical path from the floor to the top position.

Try performing these unique presses on your chest day, supersetted with a strict bar dip. This is called an agonist superset – where the movements paired challenge similar muscle groups, instead of opposing. The combination of close and open chain will pair nicely, as well as partial to full range of motion for the upper joint angles: ?
A1 KB Floor Press 8-10x 31X1 R30
A2 Strict Bar Dip 8-10x 31X1 R90
x 3 sets

8. Barbell Prone Row

?The prone row is a great tool for developing upper back strength. As compared with the bent row, there is not demand on postural endurance or strength for this exercise. That allows for beginners to utilize this for great back training.

? We like to pair upper horizontal pull movements like this with a bench press from time to time for a great horizontal push pull session.

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