2 Important Back and Hip Hinge Exercises from Lucas Parker

Use these to improve your Olympic lifts, strength work, wall balls, thrusters, deadlifts, rows, pull ups muscle ups, box jumps, kettlebell swings and more.


I like using these to prep for both #weightlifiting and #gymnastics.

Learning to recruit the mid-back and lats WHILE firing properly through the hips is also key for sports like #rugby and #MMA.
performance points:

  1. start from a deadlift and lower down into position. This is how you access the best glute/ham synergy.
  2. pull the bar to your nips, ribs, or belly button.. Not your chest/neck!
  3. don’t be afraid of going light- you have a better chance of using the muscles you want!


You gotta nail the basics!! Take a step back…literally.

Did you notice how almost every event in the CrossFit Open had a significant requirement for hip hinging? If you can’t control your hips, you can’t control your ranking on the leaderboard.

CROSSFIT TRANSFORMATIONS – Lucas Parker Before He Was Famous!


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