6 Male European Crossfit Athletes to Watch at The Meridian Regionals

June 2-4 are the dates for The Meridian Regionals which take place at The Caja Mágica in Madrid, Spain.

Frederik Aegidius

The 29 year old danish is a 2x CrossFit Games competitor and Head Coach of the New York Rhinos. He also can look back to 5 years working with Annie Thorisdottir, 2-time world champion in CrossFit and 5 years of coaching at various gyms, including CrossFit Reykjavik, CrossFit 5th Ave, CrossFit Union Square, Butchers Garage, Butchers Lab.

He did his Open Workouts at CrossFit Reykjavik, which belongs to his Girlfriend, Annie Thorisdottir and finished 2nd in Europe.


“NEVER, NOT HAVE FUN!” 165kg on the bar. #crew #colorsarefun #painfacegameface

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