Charity Marathon Row

Calling all CrossFit Athletes: Join the 24 hr Marathon Row for Charity

Unite with all Crossfit Boxes on the 10.11.2019 and help us to fight blood cancer.

In partnership with the non-profit organisation DKMS (German bone marrow donation) we want to call upon all CrossFit Boxes to take part in the 24 HOURS CHARITY MARATHON ROW on the 10th of November 2019 to raise money for the fight against cancer (leukaemia).

Everyone knows a person in his or hers mediate or immediate environment who has been killed by or suffers from this terrible disease.

After last years success with more than 30 Crossfit Boxes joining and we would like to reach our this year to all CrossFit Boxes and Athletes to increase the chances for the suffering people to get faster help by supporting the DKMS through this event and bring this years 24 HOURS CHARITY MARATHON ROW to the next level.

We as a community want to show solidarity with the people, who have to accept the long and hard fight against leukaemia by fighting through the 42,195 km long indoor marathon row and by raising as much money as possible to support the honourable work of the DKMS.




1. You can join as a Box or as an Individual

You can contact us via E-Mail (Hyperlink), DM @marathonrow2019 (hyperlink). Feel free to join out Facebook event 24HRS CHARITY MARATHON ROW and confirm your participation. Feel free to share this event and invite your friends and  other Box owners.  

2. Complete the Row!

Complete an indoor marathon row in 24H (42,195 km) as an individual or in teams of 2, 3, or 4 on the10th of November 2019.

For all beginners, please inform yourself  about your pace, nutrition and recovery in case you would like to challenge yourself as an individual.

3. Donate an appropriate amount of money for the fight against cancer

You can directly transfer money online (please use the reference number) to the DKMS or in cash via a donation box, which will be sent to the registered CrossFit Box.

DKMS Bank Account:

DKMS Spendenkonto

IBAN: DE59 640700850179000508

Deutsche Bank Reutlingen

Verwendungszweck: 24h Charity Row, XBA565

4. Share the Event

You are doing something good at that day and there is nothing to be ashamed of! Feel free to use the power of social media to spread the our message and your rowed success. As more people we can reach with this event, the more will might join us next time.

Feel free to use the following Hashtags via Instagram:

IG Account: @marathonrow2019

Hashtag: #marathonrow2019

5. Take some rest and time to recover!  

We’ll announce around two weeks after the Event the total amount of donated money together with the DKMS. We would be very happy about your support and thanks in advance to everyone, who is going to take upon this challenge.


Every CrossFit Affiliate has to register for the Event to take part in the donation process, but has to organise the marathon row in their own locations.

We recommend to plan heats according to space and inventory, so that you can get the most out of the community spirit.

Please write us an direct message via Facebook (Ivan Gette / Harry Werz) and register with your name and the name of the CrossFit affiliate to take part in the event: 

We need Email address, address and a contact person on site (Your data will be treated confidentially!).

After that you will receive a digital flyer for social media promotion via Email, which you can share with your community.

2-3 days before the event the donation box will be send to your affiliate by the DKMS. On the 3rd of October the box should be ready to be filled for 24 hours.

On the 4th of October 2018 we would like to ask all affiliate owners to send back the donation boxes to the address of the DKMS (see below).


Everyone who is not a member of an Crossfit Box, can still take part just by joining us from any Rower that exists out there. You can go in any Gym or do a Drop-In and row the Kilometers you can (best case a Marathon, depending on your skill level) and donate money online at the DKMS Account below.   

The same rules apply to anyone who is injured or that can not take part in but still would like to support our cause. Feel free to donate and take part in next year.

  • DKMS Bank Account:
  • DKMS Spendenkonto
  • IBAN: DE59 640700850179000508
  • Deutsche Bank Reutlingen
  • Verwendungszweck: 24h Charity Row, XBA565

No matter if bank transfer, debit, PayPal or credit card: The money will be save and exclusively used for the fight against leukaemia by the DKMS. Everyone donates an appropriate amount (for example 35, 70 or 100 €). This is the best option for injured or prevented who cannot take part but still want to donate something for a good reason.


If you would like to support our cause, but don’t have the resources to take physically  part in the row, you can still help us with a donation on the above mentioned DKMS bank account. The DKMS will send you a certificate / letter of proof for your donation and support. Feel free to share with us your logo and we would feature your company on our social media platforms.




Ivan Gette When I was 18 years old I have lost my mother to cancer. Back then I really wanted to make a change, but I was lacking the strength and the right momentum to create awareness at a scale. 

Through my work at the Nike Training Category and my Box Hauptstadt CrossFit I was Lucky enough to find an amazing Sport by a great community that supports each other and really cares about the people and their health. Since we came up the idea to organise a Charity Marathon Row, we immediately found likeminded athletes that wanted to join us, spread the message and support this cause.  

After we have set up this event last year for the first time,  box owners, brands like Nocco, Concept 2, Boxrox (etc.) and individuals started calling in to become a part of this cause and challenging themselves on the rower. This time we even got the German Olympian Rower Team joining us before joining to the training camp for Tokio. We are grateful for every support we can get -we stay humble, but still aim high though!

We organise this event to raise money from the community, for the community since we all know people in our surroundings that are or has been affected by this disease.

Unfortunately, these days the people are quite distracted by social media instead of using this as a tool to reach people and create an impact. It’s quite easy to be distracted, till the point where life hits you with bad news and you need the help of others.  

With this event we hope to set the first step and create awareness about leukaemia and try to help as best as possible.   

Harry Werz: My will to get active in that direction was awaken at the time when I heard about a young athlete from befriended Berlin CrossFit box, who is suffering from leukemia.

Because of her the Berlin Throwdown initiated a campaign with the DKMS to register as bone marrow donor during the event, which I did. It created a good feeling to have done something important and useful without taking any advantage from it. 

Everybody has the opinion that charity is good and everybody is always for it. But most of the people never do something, because it demands just a little bit to much effort to break out of their comfort zone. 

When Ivan told me the story of his mother and that he is willing to engage in the fight against cancer I realized that this is the moment for me to not just talk the talk and better walk the walk. So we are doing now. 

The marathon row from last years CrossFit Games was the perfect set up for this event, because firstly every serious box has rowers and the event would be easy to organise. Secondly a lot of CrossFiters strive for their idols and want to redo workouts they did and thirdly the marathon row symbolises the hard and long fight against cancer and shows solidarity with all people who are suffering. 

We are doing everything to make this event as big as possible and we hope that many other people share our values.

We thank the DKMS for their support and the uncomplicated realisation of all necessary organisational steps. We hope that this is just the beginning. Big thanks to everyone who is putting time and effort into this.