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REDDIT AMA – 21 Questions with Olympic Weightlifter Mattie Rogers

She was born in 1995 in Florida and started her active career in gymnastics and cheerleading before moving onto CrossFit. From CrossFit she began weightlifting, she almost made it to the Olympics last time.


She is very active on Instagram and has 494 thousand followers and her fans love her and her cat, as well as her boyfriend Sean.

Three days ago she logged onto reddit and answered many questions from her fans. Some were related to her weightlifting career, other about her cat and some just random questions. She got over 300 questions and answered most of them.

Her relationship with Sean set some tongues wagging.

GordianCannot: You’re stuck on a desert island for a year but can live and train with 4 other weightlifters. Who do you choose?

Mattie: Sean, Sean, Sean and Sean.

Scipio1911: If a robber breaks in, who fights them off you or Sean?

Mattie: Both of us stomp their f****** face

Underbird: Partnership is about working together

Smccormick336: I probably just stay asleep tbh

Mattie: tbcfh

Pandalifts369: Or the cats?


It is clear who is her main man and her hero. Smccormick336 is her boyfriend Sean. He was by her side while the Q&A was going on and answering the fans concerns as well. He is a musician but does also some weightlifting.

Dotdotbananaboat: What’s your favourite lift? Has Sean inspired you to do a bit of powerlifting for the lolz?

Mattie: tbh it changes day to day, which ever lift wants to work with me that day lol. I mean no, but I did bench like twice and I suck

smccormick336: Powerlifting is stupid and she’s better than that i only do it cause I´m lazy

Georgina13: Once you’re done with weightlifting, do you see yourself going back to Crossfit?

Mattie: Nooooooooppppeeeeeee unless its just like for fun to keep my old lady bod in check when I´m old and not competing

smccormick336: If she ever does crossfit again i’m out

They clearly have a fun relationship and support each other in most things.


Here come her favorites.

Herrwolfe45: You’re a boss!!! What’s your favorite training lift? What’s your favorite ab/core exercise?

Mattie: Thank you! probably snatch, but we all know that some days snatches just suck in every way possible. uhhhhhhh strict T2B

Rosiebun7: Just two from me…

  1. Least favorite accessory/technique exercises and why
  2. Favorite post-training meal


  1. RDLs because they suck and they’re heavy and make me want to die
  2. Anything. I am human garbage disposal

Rosiebun7: Wow i can now say that I have two things in common with you, this legit made my afternoon. Thanks for doing this and CONGRATZ on the silver (oops forgot to include this with the questions)!!!

ItsaAlex275kg @ M94kg -: What’s your favorite adult beverages after competition?

Mattie: Chocolate milk or penafiel manzanita



  1. Does camargo decide your openers/attempts at big meets or is it collaborative
  2. What’s your least favorite exercise that you have to do regularly
  3. Have you beaten your comp bests in the gym or do you save that max effort for the platform
  4. What was going through your head when you called 141 to get a spot on the Rio team
  5. To what degree do you think that being popped for any banned substance tarnishes the merits/achievements/character of that lifter


  1. Collaborative
  2. RDLSSSSSSSSS fuck those
  3. I dont “save” anything, if I hit a max in that part of the cycle, swweeeet, if not oh well. Same goes for on the platform
  4. tbh I have never felt so horrible in my entire life as I was struggling with borderline adrenal fatigue/failure leading up to trials from the months of training prior. I knew I needed something crazy like that going into trials and was prepared for it to come down to that, but day of I just did not have it in me at all
  5. I think it ruins that lifter. It is cheating. It completely alters your body. I dont care about their character, they cheated to try and be a step ahead of everyone else and that is a person I can just never respect

The fans also want to know about her life, feelings and experience.


ZeroCeroo; What are you studying in college?

Mattie: Sport and exercise science boiiiiii

JohnBeamon: Hey, Mattie. These solo sports (tennis, golf, weightlifting) tend to have thousands of people at my level and like five people at your level. You compete at least annually and spend hours in the venue warmup rooms in front of Hookgrip and ATG. Tell me, do you develop a camaraderie with these few women you face over and over?

Mattie: Yeah I think my competitors are cool af and we trade warm up suits n stuff and snacks all the time

Olymanda: What has helped you most in terms of achieving such consistency and focus on the competition platform?

Mattie: V I S U A L I Z A T I O N. Visualization. Repetition and visualization are key for consistency for sure, especially when it comes to comp time. If you have successfully performed the movement thousands of times in training, then a thousand more times in your head, there will be no doubts when on the big stage.

M1rand4: So I’m sitting here with two black eyes because I knocked myself in the face with the bar while doing snatch warmups. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done or that has ever happened to you while training?

Mattie: Peed pants a few times

Skipposwillbetrayu: As a competitor, what is your opinion on transgender women competing in high level weightlifting? I’m from New Zealand and there was a fair bit of reporting on/talking about Laurel Hubbard when she won silver at Anaheim. But nobody bothered to ask other competitors what their thoughts were.

Mattie: I mean im sure if she were in my weightclass I would feel slightly negatively towards it just because of the advantages she has. My opinion is, hell yeah you be whoever whatever you want to be. But when it comes to sport, these types of things are unfair no matter what your opinion is. HOWEVER props to her for going for it and doing what she wants to do in this life. I respect that.

Rest and nutrition are so important

Snatchinsnacks: Hey Mattie, do you notice a big difference in training if you don’t get a solid nights rest or a smaller than normal pre-sesh meal?

Mattie:  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS jesus yes


Lifting Tips

Agent21EMH: Hi Mattie, my question is do you pay any attention to your efficiency from your squats to the Oly lifts (does squatting more help you personally have a bigger clean and jerk, snatch) if not, what seems to help the lifts out the most other than repetition which is obviously the key driver.

Only other thing would be how you’re approaching the restructuring of weight classes.

Mattie: Ok first: all the olympic lifters that have massive squats, cool tight rad, but what are you comp numbers? Thats all that matters in this sport.

Obviously a bigger squat means you have stronger legs which is great for both lifts. I personally have never been a great squatter and my clean has always been very close to my front squat (within 10-12 kilos)

Squat adequately, I love volume to start off a cycle in ALL lifts.

As far as the weight classes, its just a wait and see game. I have no idea what they will be so can make no plans at this point in time.

Avmenza: For real tho. Been lifting for 10 years and my joints are garbage. Tendinitis in both elbows, wrist surgeries, and I’m 26. I guess my question is… how your joints feelin?

Mattie: Oh my feel like absolute s***, but that comes with training at the elite level year round even though I’ve only been in the sport for 4 years. Glucosamine & chondroitin & fish oil help me I think


Weightlifting Motivation from Mattie Rogers

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