Europe is Coming! 10 Female Crossfit Athletes to Watch at The Meridian Regionals

Regionals are drawing ever closer and what better way to get hyped for it than to look back on some of Europe's best female athletes during this Open, how they performed and what they could bring to the rest of the competition. It's sure to be an exciting one!

Emma McQuaid

After starting CrossFit following her partner’s accident, McQuaid has climbed her way to the top of the CrossFit community by jumping places in the open from down in the thousands to the top 10 in the space of 4 years, drawing in 3rd place with Annie Thorisdottir in this year’s competition. Also claiming the spot of no.1 female CrossFit athlete in Northern Ireland. Perseverance and determination by the bucket-loads will surely make for an enthralling watch as we´re sure she will smash her way to the top in the coming Regionals.

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