Source: EMOM Podcast

“I Felt Cheated” Michele Fumagalli Opens up about Crashing Out in Event One of the CrossFit Games

I didn’t cry until after I left...

“I felt cheated. For all the sacrifices all these people did for me, and my family did for me, and what my coach did for me, and my husband and [our baby] Gwen did, and all the hard work I had put into this. And it was just done like that.”

Michele Fumagalli opens up to EMOM Podcast host Will Edmonds about crashing out of her debut CrossFit Games after event one.

Fumagalli’s qualification for the Games was no mean feat. Having given birth to her daughter less than two years earlier, the former professional soccer player from Illinois emerged from the Central Region ahead of former Games athletes Jennifer Smith and Jessica Griffith.

Fumagalli finished 4th in the time trial and spent the 10 laps of the Crit among the leading pack, before another athlete clipped her wheel on the final turn of the final lap, sending her over the handlebars crashing to the ground, breaking her wrist in the process.

“I didn’t cry until after I left. Then it was just [my husband] John and I, and I balled like a baby.” She continued, “You could say ‘why me?’ and I’ve said it hundreds of times, but I’ll get a reason. I’ll figure it out.”

Despite the devastating turn of events, Fumagalli remains positive, “I still have my baby girl and my husband, and whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

As Fumagalli continues to recover from her injury, she has not entirely given up her dream of making back to the Games but is realistic about the possibility, conceding “it won’t be this year.”

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