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10 Quick Mobility Exercises to Improve Your Crossfit Performances

Good mobility results in increased strength of movement, health and improved performance. From mobilising your hips to strengthening your overhead movement, these mobility exercises will help you to become a better athlete.


A few weeks ago in Milano I had the opportunity to work with @s_migliorini once again. At his level in CrossFit, not feeling comfortable in positions has a huge impact on performance and therefore results. His lack of flexibility in the overhead position makes STOH (shoulder to overhead) work extremely taxing and therefore inefficient, especially with a narrower grip. Using a simple concept ‘mobilise in the position of restriction’ he can begin to improve the position. Here we are using a 10kg bar and the top of a kettle bell to act as a target and guide. It is important he remains active in the position rather than just relaxing whilst there. Overtime he will become more comfortable maintaining these positions and will be able to stay longer there. If you can’t get into the right postion, these exercises are extremely taxing. A simple way to integrate the exercise is by using tabata holds 20s active over the KB 10s relaxed behind the neck, 4-8 times. Give it a go and see how you do ? As the sport of CrossFit evolves, the inability to move well is becoming a huge influencing factor on your ability to perform, therefore making sure you are putting in the work to improve your positions is becoming even more important. @theprogrm ? #tightlikeatiger @reebokcrossfitofficine

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