Mobility Test and Exercises to Improve Ankle Flexibility for Crossfit

Ankle mobility and flexibility is vital for every kind of squat and many other movements in Crossfit. Test yours now and find out how to improve and strengthen this joint.


GUARANTEE: If your FOOT/ANKLE doesn’t bend well when it hits the ground, your knee or hip will eventually have a problem.

HONESTY: Most athletes athletes have NO IDEA that one side is different than the other.


  1. Old injury – The most common injury for young is a SPRAINED ankle. The most common reaction to a sprained ankle is to ignore the rehab work (or rush through it!!)
  2. Favoring one side – Whether it is from an injury somewhere else or an occupational/position based posture, when we shift our weight to one side more than the other, one foot will feel more stress than the other.
  3. Footwear – Both flip flops and heeled shoes (this includes running shoes!) can negatively influence ankle flexibility.

Media and text from ROM and Jeremy McCann.

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