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New Year = New Crossfit Goals

As the New Year creeps upon us, we may well take a look back at 2013 and consider how we have progressed as CrossFitters throughout the year. We will probably think about our highlights and achievements and start to think about what we would like to accomplish in 2014. The start of the New Year is the perfect opportunity to set some “New Year’s CrossFit goals”. Our New Year’s CrossFit goal might be to increase reps of a skill we have only just mastered, it may be to increase weight or even improve our times of certain workouts. However I’m sure we’ve all made and broken New Year’s resolutions and goals in the past, so how can we make sure we continue to work at our New Year’s CrossFit goal? We can create a ‘2014 Goals Board’ with the help of your box.

2014 Goals Board

A goals board is a simple concept where each member of the box writes their name and the goal that they are going to work towards in 2014 onto a large whiteboard. The goal can be anything you want to work towards. Once the goal is achieved, a coach can tick off the goal and write the date when it was completed.

Choosing your goal can be quite difficult, especially if you think you’ve got many areas of weakness! It is worth remembering that research shows that people are more likely to work towards and achieve moderate to hard goals compared to one that is too easy or too difficult. Therefore try to pick a goal which is challenging but not impossible. Bear in mind that you have a year to work at your goal and in that time your body can make many adaptations, so pick an ambitious goal to stretch yourself! The most valuable guideline is to pick a goal that you really want to achieve, the desire to be able to do something you’ve always wanted to do is a strong motivating force and will make it feel even more satisfying when you achieve it. For more help regarding goal setting click here to see my previous article.

The beauty of the 2014 Goals Board is that if others are aware of our goals then we are much more likely to work towards our target because we want others to see us as successful, well-motivated athletes. If no-one is aware of a goal that we have set then it is easy to skip training sessions and let our enthusiasm fizzle out because nobody will know we have failed. By having other members take an interest in our progress it makes us more accountable and therefore we are much more likely to honour our commitment.

Whilst the coaches and other members of the gym will help and motivate us towards our goal, ultimately the onus is on us to put in the time and effort that is required to achieve our goal for 2014.

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