No More Love Handles – How to Transform Your Body

Transform your body.

Jeff from Athlean X offers great tips for anyone that wants to lose the love handles on their body.

“Love handles are the most common storage area of fat on a man’s body.  They are also one of the most stubborn areas to drop body fat from.  The good news is, you don’t have to be perfect right now to get this area to look better especially if you follow the strategies laid out in this video.” 

No More Love Handles

“First of all, regardless of where your body fat levels are now you must be truthful about the state of your nutrition.  Are you really eating as well as you should or are you indulging in far too many sweets and drinks to ever get your body fat levels down to a level that is required to see the greatest muscle definition.  As I mentioned earlier, the body fat storage here is very stubborn in men.  You have to get pretty precise if you want to get an absolutely shredded waistline.”

“That said, you don’t have to be perfect.”

“To start, as you are getting yourself more committed to your nutrition improvement you can start working immediately on the status of your lat development.  That’s right.  Your lats.  If you can completely develop your lats (from origin to insertion) then you will have a great weapon in your arsenal for creating an illusion of a greater differential between the width of your back and the width of your hips.”

Love Handles

“In order to fully develop the lats you have to learn how to contract the lat fully.  Most of us stop at the half way point of a contraction in an effort to try and hoist as much weight as possible.  That is actually not just holding back the way your lats look but it’s making an already large waistline look even larger by comparison.  If you could start getting your elbow back behind your body when doing your lat exercises you would start to develop a more impressive sweep in the area of the lats that is actually closest to the problem area love handles.  Remember, the greater the differential here the smaller your waistline is going to look right away.”

“Next, as you continue to work on getting your body fat levels down you want to be sure you are regularly working on your abs.  Say you are at a ten or twelve percent body fat level at this point.  It is here that you are a prime candidate to see the benefits of regular but short ab training and exercises.  The upper abs should be clearly visible especially in the right light at this body fat level.  This creates a midline distraction of the actual width of the love handles and gives you and whoever else is looking, something better to look at!”

“Finally, with both the lat training and ab exercises locked in you want to do what others will tell you not to if you want to get rid of your love handles and that is, work your obliques!  Believe me, do not listen to anyone that says to not work your obliques as it will thicken your waistline.  The obliques, when developed, are going to be the muscle that creates the v taper in your waist that will always give you the impression of having a lean tapered torso.”

Love Handles

“If you follow the fibers and train along the direction of the internal and external obliques, you are going to be able to see the maximum development of these muscles and get them looking their best.  I give you two band versions of exercises you can do for your obliques that will help you get those love handles obliterated once and for all as that nutrition puts the final dagger in your single digit body fat.”

Video – Love Handles

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