WANTED: CrossFit Games Athlete to Move to Miami

Noah Ohlsen is looking for a full-time training partner to enjoy the sun, sand and sea of Miami.

Ohlsen, who finished 6th at this year’s CrossFit Games, spent the last 12 months training every day with 4-times Games Athlete Travis Mayer in Atlanta but since moving back to Miami with his girlfriend Joann, has been struggling to recapture the intensity he had going toe-to-toe with Travis every day.

Speaking to Will Edmonds on the AMRAP Podcast, Noah explained, “I’ve had a bit of time adjusting and finding the same motivation I had everyday when I knew I would be going to meet Travis at the gym at 9: We’ve got this session at this time, this session at this time, and we’re on it. Now I wake up in Miami. I don’t have anybody I’m going to meet at the gym. It’s just not as sharp down there for me training right now.”

“I’m putting out a recruitment video to see if there are any other Games athletes who are interested in moving to Miami and training with me full time. I think that would be pretty cool.”

You can listen to the rest of Ohlsen’s interview by searching for AMRAP wherever you get your podcasts, where Noah discusses his turbulent 2018 Games, and his portrayal on “The Redeemed and the Dominant” film.