Scientific Nutrition and Strength Training Principles that Every Athlete Must Know


This refers to how you structure the different blocks of training. For example, with powerlifting an athlete may work through the following:

  • Hypertrophy phase (grow more muscle)
  • Strength Phase (teach that new muscle to move heavy loads)
  • Peaking phase for competition (hit new PRs)

These phases occur in different ways in different sports, for Crossfitters this may be peaking your conditioning for The Open for example. But the general concept is that you maximse the potential from each phase in order to best achieve the specific goal of that phase.


This is the least important of all the above points, but should still be mentioned.

It is vital that when it comes to your training, you should work down the hierarchical list and sort out the most important, and influential, factors first. Individual factors are often linked to genetics, training history and the like, and will account for different ways that particular training may affect you in relation to another individual. These of course do play a role, but are fairly insignificant outside the realm of elite and professional athletes.

“The basics work for everyone. The individual differences are just a tweak” Dr Mike Israetel.

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