Scientific Nutrition and Strength Training Principles that Every Athlete Must Know

5. Supplements

Supplements are the final point to consider. Many athletes will prioritise this aspect of nutrition over others, however using supplements incorrectly will not help you to achieve your goals. For example, if an individual consumes 50g of protein powder daily, yet does still not achieve the overall caloric intake that will help them to achieve their goals, then their efforts are wasted and the results will not be achieved.

It is important to understand supplements as they really are, products to supplement a nutrition plan, and something to help achieve the desired outcomes from the more important steps above.


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“Only science could be the surest path to the truth”

Renaissance Periodization work with many of the best athletes in the Game such as Rich Froning, BK Gudmundsson and Annie Thorisdottir. They provide nutrition templates that are specific to the exact requirements of the individuals involved, including your own. They help elite athletes to win The CrossFit Games® right through to everyday people reach the weight, size and aesthetic they desire.

Renaissance Periodization meal templateSource: Renaissance Periodization
A single page from a meal template

If you want to build muscle, lose fat, improve your health, optimise your performance and recovery, then RP Strength will help you to achieve that goal based on your own personal metrics. Stop making excuses and become the person that you are meant to be.

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