Crossfit obesity

Obesity and CrossFit® – Why Some People Still Can’t Lose Weight

Exercise by itself is not the most important method for weight loss and lowering body fat levels.

4. Make Time for A Cheat Meal

Deprivation is usually the cause why so many people falter on their weight loss journey. Allow yourself to indulge at least once a week.

But just because you’re allowed a cheat meal doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you can. Pick a reasonable size portion and eat the food that you’ve been fantasizing about. This will help you to stay on track and maintain discipline the rest of the time. 

Overdoing it will cause you to fall behind on the results you want to achieve. This is the time you can eat something unhealthy, but make sure you do it to satisfy your taste buds and not your appetite.

Sara Sigmundsdottir

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