Overcoming Eating Disorders, Alcohol and Addiction – Inspiring CrossFit Stories from Games Athletes


“I played baseball until my senior year in high school. In October, 2009, I was in a car accident and fractured my knee cap. I probably could have bounced back and played that season but I decided I wanted to play Yugioh instead. Between that time and September, 2011, I gained 70 lbs. I really had no idea I had gained that much until I had an ear infection and ended up on the doctor’s scale the next morning.

My sister had been doing Crossfit for three months and lost about 30 lbs, so I decided the next day I should give it a shot. Starting the day I set foot in the gym, I lost about 10 lbs a month for 7 months, until I was down to 200 lbs.

I don’t think I noticed my low point until Crossfit pulled me out of my funk. I had dropped out of college and was just working at an arcade, and I had picked up smoking cigarettes about a month before I started Crossfit.

If you want to get to the games or the next level — whatever that is — find someone there who knows how to do it, and do what they do. If you can figure out how to keep up with them or beat them, then you should be able to make it too.”

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