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Overcoming Eating Disorders, Alcohol and Addiction – Inspiring CrossFit Transformation Stories from Games Athletes


“The picture on the left (~88 lbs) represents 3 miserable years of my life- a time that I spent every hour of every day obsessing over food. A time where I deleted almost every picture of myself because I hated how skinny I was. I would choose to stay home over doing things that I loved because I wasn’t eating enough to have the energy, or I wouldn’t be in control over what I ate. Each day, I was pouring all of my energy and focus into something so pointless. I knew that I was losing valuable friends and was all other motivation.

Yet, I woke up every morning and continued down the same, self-destructive path. I was running myself into the ground, and thought that it would never end.

Fast forward 4 years. My arms are now thicker than my thighs used to be, and I’ve qualified for my second trip to the @crossfit games. Initially, Crossfit motivated me to turn my life around. I loved being in the gym, and knew that if I wanted participate, I needed to fuel my body.

I remember convincing myself to eat because I wanted to become strong enough to BACK SQUAT 100#! It took almost 2 years to truly overcome my eating disorder, and for a LONG time, each and every day was a battle. This “better everyday” mentality carried over into general training. My goal has never been to be competitive, but instead to become stronger and faster than yesterday and motivate others to do the same.”

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