CROSSFIT TIPS: Improve your Overhead Squat Mobility

Enhance your mobility.

Probably one of the biggest roadblocks that people that who aren’t naturally flexible run into first is overhead squat mobility.

I have seen crazy strong people being humbled by this movement and not even able to lift a simple training bar. 

If you cannot do this and you keep avoiding it, you are cutting corners with your CrossFit training and there will be a ton of other things that will be being held back until you nail it (And if you can only do them in lifting shoes then you still have work to do).

Overhead Squat mobility

Overhead squat mobility requires the triple whammy of mobility. You need good thoracic, hip and ankle mobility in order to be able to perform the movement properly. What always interested me was the integration of all three. 

How to Improve your Overhead Squat Mobility

I have met so many people over the years that are doing all the right drills but still aren’t able to get the hang of the movement – so this is the real life example of how you actually work WITH the movement so that you get there! And sorry! Sometimes it takes people a bit longer than others! 

So you know what you need?

A position to spend time in that’s easy and that requires ankle dorsiflexion, deep knee flexion and deep hip flexion.

The deep split squat from The Simplistic Mobility Method 

Overhead Squat Mobility

And the secret trick to increasing your thoracic extension, which is thoracic rotation. Combine these two elements until you can get there! 

Spend as long as you can on it and you will get there! Here’s what to do: 

30 minute ascending ladder 

  • Try an overhead squat 
  • Deep split squat and rotate 
  • Try 2 overhead squats 
  • Deep split squat and rotate 
  • Try 3 overhead squats 
  • Deep split squat and rotate 
  • Etc 

Check out the video below to understand this in more depth.

If you still haven’t got there yet? Do a second round, and a third until you do. That is the hard work right there.

Rather than looking for the next best mobility drill – use something with the elements you require and spend time in them.

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