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5 Overhead Squat Workouts (and Training Tips) for CrossFit Athletes


The overhead squat works to the same cues as with any squat variation. However, it’s a good idea to focus on a knee break over a hip break because of the position of the load. This means that you should start your descent at the knees, not the hips. Control your descent and maintain tightness in the upper back and posterior chain through the movement.

Knee stiffness is a very common occurrence with squatters. In the overhead position, knee flexion is maximized to allow for a vertical torso. Tightness in the calves, hamstrings, and quads can all be linked to poor knee joint movement

5 Common Causes of Knee Pain

When you sink into the lowest part of the squat, it’s important not to rush out of it too soon as you risk losing form.

Instead take a moment to stabilize yourself and the bar. Make sure that you’re flatfooted, weight in your heels and your elbows and shoulders are turned out (active shoulders). This will reduce the risk of losing control of the bar path when you rise out of the squat and keep you moving efficiently: However; don´t stay there too long, anyone who is familiar with dead stop exercises knows why!

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