Powerful Accessory Kettlebell Exercises to Improve Strength in New Ways for CrossFit Athletes

“The kettlebell is an ancient Russian weapon against weakness.” Pavel Tsatsouline

Accessory Kettlebell Exercises are a great way to build strength, mobility and coordination in new ways. Have a look through these 7 and choose a few new exercises to augment your quest to become a better, stronger and fitter athlete.

Carleen Mathews Banded KB Deadlift

Trying to change things up, make things harder, adapt to different stimuli, and continue to grow as an athlete!! That’s what this is all about right…continuing to focus and enjoy MY journey!!!

Adjust the strength of the band to vary the difficulty of the lift.

Half Kneeling Low to High Chop

Half Kneeling Low To High Chop Part 2 of 3 More rotational strength in the half Kneeling position today. Stabilize through the hip and focus on core and shoulder rotational strength.

This is a great warm up protocol for training to ensure the whole body is awake.

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