Quick Tutorial to Help You RX Double Unders

Rethink how you are tackling your double unders.

UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor made a brilliant quote after knocking out Jose Aldo in the first 13 seconds of their bout. He said, “Precision beats power and timing beats speed every time”.

Those are the fundamentals he lives and trains by.

I absolutely love that quote because there is a common misconception that speed is the answer to everyone’s double under woes.

 The thought process goes; if I could go faster, then double unders would be easier.  Assuming you are still developing your skill and perfecting your technique, try to think of any other athletic movement that requires coordination, and tell me which one becomes easier the faster you try to do it?  I can’t think of any either.  My contention, is that:‘Timing is more important than speed, and slowing down develops good timing.’

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