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10 Pacific, South & Californian Regional Athletes to Watch this Weekend


Covering Latin America, the South Central and the Sout West of the US, this Regional is taking place in Dallas, Texas.

7. Alexis Johnson

Alexis is a MisFit Athlete originally from Detroit, who came to Texas for her PhD studies in Maths. She has a background in gymnastics, and beat her college eating disorder by focussing on nutrition for her Crossfit ambitions in 2013. With her first Regional appearance in 2014, she quickly improved and came in second in her Open in 2015, failing to qualify for the Games because of the pressure of being in such a strong Regional group.

The main problem back then was a sequence of snatches she missed completely, so we are very curious how she will manage them with a new confidence in her athletic abilities this year.

6. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

This female Regional athlete isn’t one of the most famous athletes in the Crossfit scene for no reason:

Camille made her first appearance at the games in 2010, dominating the Canadian East Region in the following four years, and finally became the “fittest woman on earth” in 2014 by winning the games.

Originally a gymnast, picking up Crossfit has lead competitive Camille to make an attempt at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. She is also a part time chemical engineering student, author, and publisher of her own competitive training plan, “Jacked Unicorn”.

Finish the other day with an easy triple at 195 woot woot! The face you make when bae is looking at your gains ? #workhard #beproud

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5. Travis Williams

Another Texan from Misfit Crossfit, and perhaps one of the most impressive Crossfit Success stories around.

Travis started doing Crossfit in 2011, at almost 100 lbs overweight. He had his first appearance in competitive Crossfit in 2015, and we’re stoked to find out just how far his determination will get him this year.

4. Roy Gamboa

People who have been following Crossfit for some time may remember Roy’s impressive entrance to the Crossfit World in 2013: Finishing second in the South Central Open after less than a year of Crossfit, and without a coach or affiliate to back him. He qualified for the Games in 2013 and 2015, and came in fourth in this year’s South Central Region.

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