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8 Atlantic & West Regionals Athletes to Watch this Weekend


The West combines Regionals Athletes from Northwestern United States and Western Canada. In total 19,000 individuals from these two regions entered the Open and the action will take place this weekend in Portland, Oregon.


The former running back from the Washington Huskies won the North West regionals in 2014 after just a few months of doing CrossFit. He finished in the top 20 at his first Games. 2nd place in the last years regionals he finished the Games in 7th in just his second year. So we are excited to see what he brings this year.

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2 times CrossFit Games Athlete and 8th fittest Women in the World, she won two national Basketball titles at the University of Windsor before moving into Crossfit. In the live Open event 16.1 she defeated Chyna Cho, and with her strong weightlifting skills and much improved gymnastic ability, this Canadian is a hardy and exceptionally competent athlete.

Read more about Emily in our interview with her here.


You can’t miss the Beard. 25year old Lucas Parker from Victoria, British Columbia is one of the most well known figures in the CrossFit Scene. As a 5 times in a row Games Athlete,  he will surely attack this year again in full force, bringing all the brunt of his wild strength and experience to bear.


30year old Jessica Core has already taken part in the CrossFit Games with her Team and has competed 5 times since them, only missing 2011 due to pregnancy. A determined athlete, she brings heart and grit to every one of her performances.

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