Ring Muscle-Up Workouts to Improve Mental and Physical Strength

Ring muscle-ups are one of CrossFit’s most advanced skills and one that crops up often during workouts.

They require specific training, dedication, and persistence and are a fantastic display of strength, coordination, and skill.

The ring muscle-up will see you transition from a hanging position below the rings to a supported position, arms extended and locked, above the rings. It combines a pull-up and a dip.

A highly functional movement, the ring muscle up will allow you to get up on/over any object on which you can get a finger hold.

Improve your ring muscle-up efficiency

  1. Develop or train your false grip – to see improvements in your false grip, you should train it like you train any of your major lifts. Take the time to work on this individual part of the muscle-up. The reason the false grip is so important is because it puts your wrist in an optimal position to allow the ‘turnover’ to take place and get you about the rings. The false grip is your biggest weapon in getting your first ring muscle-up, but also making that big jump from 10 to 20+ ring muscle-ups.
  2. Practice the transition – transitions are the link between the pull-up and the dip. The best way to practice transitions is to do them, so get the reps in and develop muscle memory for the ring muscle-up. Floor transitions, box transitions and banded ring pull-downs are all great to train for the coordination and speed required to make the transition successful.
  3. Practice, practice, practice – by keeping practicing you’ll make consistent progress. Attempt strict muscle-ups, kipping muscle-ups, add accessory work to your training. Constantly try ring muscle-ups out and don’t let yourself rust.

ring muscle-up workout

Getting your First Ring Muscle Up is Easier Than You Think!

Improve your mental and physical strength with these ring muscle-up workouts.


1.Double Trouble

EMOM for As Long As Possible

  • 3 Muscle-Ups
  • 5 Shoulder-to-Overheads (135/95 lb)*

*Add one rep every minute.

At the start of the clock, you have a 1 min window to complete the tree muscle-ups and the reps of shoulder-to-overheads (starting with 5), if you complete the given amount of reps in the minute, then you add 1 rep to the shoulder-to-overhead in the next minute.

Your score is the total reps you completed in the entire workout.

These movement combined are deadly – you’ll find yourself fighting physically and mentally to advance to the next round throughout the workout.

This workout is meant to test your shoulder endurance with high skill level gymnastics, along with some barbell cycling. Ideally, we will be able to get 7+ minutes in, so make sure to scale accordingly.

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