Mat-Fraser-Rowing recovery for crossfitters

Rowing CrossFit Workouts for Tough Athletes

Row your way to a bigger engine.

Rowing CrossFit Workouts are a great way to build your conditioning and test your mental toughness.

As a skill rowing is essential for CrossFit, as it is featured in so many WODs. These workouts will help you to test out your skill over a variety of different intensities, heart rate levels and distances. It is also important to spend time working with your coach in order to improve your general technique because once this is more efficient, then everything else will improve as well. 


Run-Row Workout

2 Rounds:

  • 1,5 mile Run
  • 1500 m Row

TIP: Don’t Grip Too Hard

Don’t hold on so hard to the handle. Keep enough grip to not lose the handle, but also not so much that you wear out your hands, have achy forearms, and tear up your palms.

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