Rowing CrossFit Workouts for Tough Athletes

Rowing Workout from Samantha Briggs

For time:

  • 150 Air squats
  • 2000 m Row
  • 150 Air squats

TIP: Pull the Handle to the Bottom of Your Ribs

For the ladies, you want to pull the handle to the bottom of your sports bra. For the men, pretend you’re wearing a sports bra.

TIP: Imagine Your Upper Body Like a Pendulum

Okay, maybe an upside down pendulum. More like a needle ticking back and forth between 11:00 and 1:00 on a clock face. At the catch, or beginning of the stroke, right before you drive back, you should be leaned forward at the 1:00 position. At the finish, or far end of the stroke, when your legs are fully extended, you should lean back to the 11:00 position.


Check out this article if you want to work on your rowing technique:

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