On The Rise: Klokov’s Baltimore Anthem Teammate Alison Scudds

Alison Scudds is on the rise in the professional fitness ranks, and RPM Fitness is lucky enough to have her on board as their newest team athlete.

With great success under her belt already at such a young age, she is positioning herself as a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Keep your eyes on Alison as she continues her rapid ascent to the top of female competition.

Athlete’s ID:

Name: Alison Scudds 
CrossFit affiliate: Peak 360 CrossFit, Miami, Florida.
2014 Crossfit season: 29TH place, South East region (The open)
NPGL: Bodyweight specialist, Baltimore Anthem
Started CrossFit: 2013

Athletic background: Competitive cheerleading, 10 years. Six-time competitor at World Cheerleading competition.

Introduced to Crossfit at: 2013 Wodapalooza competition, Miami, Florida

Diet: Quality foods on a consistent basis, pizza and donuts on the weekends.

College major: B.S. Biomedical Engineering


5 year forecast: I just missed qualifying for Regionals with only two years of minimal training with my schedule as a student. Now that I am fully committing my life to training, my goal is to win the CrossFit Games.

Why is RPM your jump rope of choice: I have experimented with many other ropes and just found RPM ropes to be hands down the lightest, fastest and most stylish.

_CJP2408How has jump rope helped you in other aspects of your athletic career: I pretty much use my jump rope every day, even if it’s just for warming up. I think it is perfect for improving myself as an athlete because not only is it aerobic, it also works on your timing, coordination, body awareness and explosiveness which are all vital components of my sport.

What is your favourite jump rope workout and why? I like all workouts that involve double-unders because I have become extremely efficient at them since I started using my RPM rope. However, I have just learned a few freestyle tricks and have been incorporating them into my warm ups to switch things up because they are very challenging!


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