Crossfitters Sara Sigmundsdóttir and BK Gudmundsson Try MMA For The First Time!

CrossFitters Try MMA

The Icelandic Crossfitters Sara Sigmundsdóttir and Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson met with Gunnar Nelson and Sunna Tsunami for a MMA class. It is not everyday that CrossFitters Try MMA so keep reading.

Gunnar and Sunna are the two best MMA fighters in Iceland and it will be fun to watch them try out CrossFit.

“Two of our best fighters teaching two of the best CrossFitters in the world some MMA moves!

Gunnar and Sunna taught Sara Sigmundsdóttir and Björgvin Karl how to punch, kick and choke someone ?

It was a pleasure having you guys here and if you ever want to maybe switch careers, MMA would be a perfect fit ??”

Sunna says Sara is a great student and a promising fighter. Maybe Sara will switch fields if she learns how to shift her weight from her heels.

“It was a really, really fun day a few weeks back when Crossfit icons @SaraSigmunds and @BK_Gudmundssoncame to @MjolnirMMA to train with me and @GunniNelson

Neither of them has ever done any combat sports, but they are both incredible athletes and they did really well. That added to the fact that they are also super fun to be around made for a great day. Check out the full video. Link in bio? .

Me and Gunni are definitely going to visit them sometime soon and get proper Crossfit education from two of the worlds best. That should make for a fun video too?”

Watch the full video here

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