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How To Scale A Muscle Up: 6 Videos From Gymnastics Experts

4. David Durante and Power Monkey Team: use The Ring Thing

Former elite gymnast David Durante and his team developed a gymnastic tool, called The Ring Thing, to help athletes with training for skills like muscle ups, planches, handstand push-ups, etc. Of course for this you’ll have ask your coach to do some shopping.

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5. Christy Adkins and Jerry Haran: hip power drills

Christy Adkins is a Reebok CrossFit Games athlete, placing 21st in 2014. In her recent post she`s sharing the swing practice: learning how to use the hips as a force generator for the swing. With a help of a gymnastic coach Jerry Haran.

A video posted by Christy Adkins (@christycrossfit) on

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6. Austin Malleolo: ring rows (and two other drills)

The CrossFit Games athlete, HQ Seminar staff and head coach at Reebok CrossFit One Austin Malleolo shares three muscle-up drills that could help you strengthen the movements later required for a muscle-up. Ring rows, chest-to-bar ring pull ups and more in the video.

Follow Austin on Instagram: @amalleolo

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