Everything You Need to Know About Scaling CrossFit Open Workout 17.2

RX or scaled, 17.2 is going to be a hard workout!

Are you thinking about scaling CrossFit Open Workout 17.2? With the bar muscle ups, this is a tough workout to RX for sure. Here is the RX version of 17.2:

crossfit open workout 17.2 rx version
Women use 35 lb dumbbells and men use 50 lb


Here is the scaled version of the 17.2 open workout.

scaling Crossfit open workout 17.2
Women use 20 lb dumbbells and Men use 35 lb

In the scaled version, bar muscle ups are replaced with chin over bar pull ups and hanging leg raises are substituted for toes to bar. The weights for the dumbbells are also lighter.


  • This workout will test your grip strength and endurance. Break the sets down into smaller chunks to avoid burning out your hands and forearms too early.
  • Make sure you pace this one, concentrate on your breathing and aim to keep a steady rhythm throughout (easier said than done I know, but keep it in mind).

Check out the video of Ro vs Boz to watch how they broke up the sets during the workout:

? Ro vs Boz 17.2 CrossFit Open Workout – The Results are in! ?

For more information about the exact movement standards, this video from CrossFit explains:

crossfit open workout 17.2 rx version © CrossFit Inc

scaling Crossfit open workout 17.2 © CrossFit Inc


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CrossFit's Director of Training Nicole Carroll's Tips for Open Workout 17.2

? Ro vs Boz 17.2 CrossFit Open Workout - The Results are in! ?

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