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Seated Dumbbell Press Benefits, Muscles Worked, Mistakes to Avoid & 6 Workouts

Can you get strong shoulders without the seated dumbbell press? Yes. Should you? Probably not.


Movement Monday WOD 4

For time:

  • 16-12-8-12-16 reps of:
  • (Single-Arm Devil Presses (50/35 lb)
  • Single-Arm Seated Dumbbell Press (50/35 lb)
  • Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Squats (50/35 lb)

Time Cap: 15 minutes

Score is the time on the clock when the last round of the overhead squat is completed.

This workout is another variation of the seated dumbbell press, only it asks you to perform one arm at a time. In the video below, the athlete is performing the exercise seating on the floor, which is also a possibility if you do not have a bench.

Wodstar movement Monday WOD.


7 rounds for time:

  • 14 dumbbell deadlifts
  • 14 alternating dumbbell shoulder press

Men: 50-lb dumbbells

Women: 35-lb dumbbells

This hero WOD is dedicated to FDNY Lt. Brian J. Sullivan, who suffered a fatal heart attack in his home shortly after completing his 24-hour long tour in August 2019.

Workout designed by Lt. Kara Judd.

Body Pump

For time:

  • 75 single arm dumbbell press
  • After every 15 reps, perform 10 dumbbell row
  • 75 kettlebell swing
  • After every 15 reps, perform 15 push-ups

Dumbbell weight: 35/20 lbs.

Kettlebell weight: 53/35 lbs.

Perform the 75 dumbbell press switching off each arm after 5 reps.

Score is time on the clock after finishing the last set of push ups.

Workout by Dorian Medina.


Three rounds for time:

  • Run 200 metres
  • 7 dumbbell press
  • 12 ring rows

Recommended dumbbell weight: 35 lbs each.

CrossFit main site daily WOD.

(Gym)WOD #126

2 rounds

  • 2 minutes goblet squats
  • 1 minute alternating v-ups
  • 2 minutes dumbbell shoulder press
  • 1 minute sit ups
  • 2 minutes lunges
  • 1 minute bicycle crunches
  • 2 minutes bent over row (one minute each arm)
  • 1 minute knee tucks

Workout by Heather Black.

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Improve your body and training with the DB Floor Press, DB Hammer Curl and Dumbbell Shrugs.

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