Sheila Barden

Inspiring Message from Sheila Barden about Nutrition and Body Image

"Don’t get it twisted, I wasn’t born with abs and thick thighs."


“PSA: Being shredded year round isn’t healthy or realistic.

The extra 5-10 pounds you’re carrying around today is you living your life. It’s the piece of cake you ate at your child’s birthday party. It’s the 16 oz steak you ate with your friends last week. It’s the champagne you drank at your best friend’s wedding.

Don’t stress about love handles or a little extra meat around your midsection, and don’t feel bad about the ice cream you enjoyed with your niece, but don’t let it stay there forever either, and don’t give in to eating crap all the time.”


“Don’t get it twisted, I wasn’t born with abs and thick thighs. My body is a direct reflection of a lifetime of dedication, determination and drive.

It is the result of both good and bad decisions over the course of the past 30 years. My muscular frame is a byproduct of lifting heavy and squatting heavier, swimming far and running farther. Abs have never been the goal.

Being fitter, faster and stronger is the goal, don’t get it twisted.”