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20 Signs That You Are A CrossFit Addict!

‘Obsession is a word that the lazy use to describe the dedicated.’ With that in mind, check out our list to find out if you have a serious case of Crossfit Obsession.

11 Taking your shirt off definitely makes you faster and stronger.

Working out with no shirt must make us faster right? (Nero RX'd Photography)

Working out with no shirt must make us faster right? (Nero RX’d Photography)

12 You talk and think in acronyms. Tomorrow will include an AMRAP WOD involving OHS, HSPU and GHD.

A part of you can’t understand why everyone doesn’t talk like this?

13 Sometimes when you drive, you unconsciously hook grip the steering wheel.

Practice makes perfect after all.

14 There are many, many opportunities to recruit all your friends and family into Crossfit, and you make use of them all.

Why not? You know that they would enjoy it.

15 All the stresses of your life are focused into the Box and destroyed during each WOD.

Isn’t it great that Crossfit is much cheaper than therapy?

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